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Awesome Things about Joe Root’s Cricket Career

Some players in the game of cricket qualify as legends of the sport. The talent, accolades and inspiration that they possess spreads across generations of fans all over the world. The recent cricket news has been dominated by Joe Root, a talismanic batsman and a former English cricket team captain, who is such a player. Root’s insight in the cricket game started with him being a prodigy in Yorkshire to today when he ranks among the best batsmen of contemporary cricket. Root’s career has been nothing short of impressive and has been full of records and moments that cricket lovers will always want to read and hear about.

1. Rise of a Young Yorkshire Lad

Joe Root was born on 30th December 1990 in Sheffield, Yorkshire. Root’s family members were cricket enthusiasts, and he began playing cricket at an early age. Having been identified early, Root quickly progressed through the ranks of the Yorkshire County Cricket Club’s youth development program. Root possessed a natural style of batting even in his teens, depicting the enjoyment on the cricket field. Root had a perfect technique, a solid defense, and his scoring region wilt all-round the wicket. There was no doubt that Sheffield’s son was destined to become one of the best.

2. Early Success 

Root’s sacrifice and commitment paid off when he achieved his first-class differentiation in 2011 playing for Yorkshire at the age of 20. It took him no time to establish his name as he managed to put a century on his debut appearance versus Loughborough MCCU. The very next season, Root received his first Cricket Writers’ Club Young Cricketer of the Year prize. This award is designed to recognize the most talented young player in English cricket, and Root absolutely deserved it.

3. The Ashes Debut and Instant Stardom

After this, Root received his first call-up to the England Test squad for India in 2012. His Test debut took place only in the 2nd test of the 2013 Ashes series against T20 20th of June In the first innings, Root made a calm, collected 73. In the second innings, he scored a decisive one-eighty; this made him the youngest Englishman to record a century at Lord’s. I remember watching this match and being very much impressed by Root’s performance. 

4. Reaching the Pinnacle

Over the next few years, Root established himself as one of the best batsmen in the world. He scored runs consistently across all formats of the game, and his performances were instrumental in many of England’s victories.

In 2015, Root was named as the ICC World Cricketer of the Year, a testament to his incredible form and achievements. He was also named as the Wisden Cricketer of the Year in 2014, further cementing his status as one of the best players in the game.

5. The Captaincy Challenge

In 2017, Root was appointed as the captain of the England Test team, taking over from the legendary Alastair Cook. It was a big responsibility for the then 26-year-old, but Root rose to the occasion with his typical composure and determination. As captain, Root led by example, scoring runs at a phenomenal rate and inspiring his team with his leadership. He became the first English captain to score a century in his 100th Test match, a feat that showcased his incredible consistency and hunger for runs.

6. Record-Breaking Exploits

As the above statistics show, throughout his illustrious career, Root has broken numerous records and set many others. For instance, Joe is the most prolific English batsman in runs scored in a calendar year, having scored 1,788 runs in 2021. He is also the fastest Englishman to 9,000 Test runs. Furthermore, no Englishman has scored as many runs in a single series as Joe Root did in the 2021-22 Ashes series. Root scored a mammoth 1,344 runs, and this summer has shown to everyone that he is a run machine.

7. Master of Resilience

Arguably one of the most commendable qualities of Root’s career to date has been his ability to pick himself up from the difficulties. Over the years, the player has faced struggles and challenges, but after each misfortune, he stood stronger and more determined. In 2019 he played in the Ashes series against Australia and had a difficult tournament, failing to score runs consistently. However, during the last 5th Test played at The Oval, Root achieved a brilliant century and secured an important win for the English team. Over his career, Root has repeatedly demonstrated his toughness, genuinely earning the love and trust of his fans and teammates.

8. Multidimensional Talent

Although Root is more remembered for his batting, he is an excellent fielder with a safe pair of hands and an incredible amount of runs saved by his sheer agility. Root is a more than useful part-time off-spinner with variations in his bowling, making him a threat to batsmen on the field. Root’s part-time off-spinners have also given England some important breakthroughs to keep a check on the run-rate. As a result, he is a priceless asset in all three formats of the game.

9. The Gentleman’s Game Ambassador

Root has been a brilliant ambassador for the gentleman’s game off the field. He is a gentleman player who treats everyone with respect and gives importance to the interests of the team over that of individuals. His sportsman spirit has been appreciated by everyone, and it made him a perfect example for young cricket players worldwide. His love for the spirit of cricket has made Root earn the respect of cricket fans and pundits.

10. The Future Legend

Root, who is only 32 years old, has many more years left in his cricketing career. And with talent of his magnitude, along with his determination and desire to be the best, the Englishman will do some breathtaking stuff in the cricket field and write his name in the annals of cricketing history. Ultimately, Root’s will be the tale of a true master of the game, a man who not only excelled in the field but also symbolized what cricket should be. He is the benchmark that every budding cricketer aspires to, and he will be remembered for many years.


The top cricket news has been Joe Root’s way, which has been worthwhile, not only for him but also for English cricket as well. He has won some awards, set plenty of records, and given us a lot of great performances. A journey from his small town home in Sheffield and up to the very crest of the mighty cricketing world, Root has held all fans spellbound by his personal form as well as courage and spirit.

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