Wednesday, June 12, 2024

A Comprehensive Guide On CT Scan

A CT scan is a diagnostic imaging modality. The computerised tomography scan uses ionising radiations for CT scan image production. The scan can be conducted as a plain CT scan or it can also be conducted as a contrast based scan. Sometimes different scanning techniques are used by diagnostic center near you to yield a hybrid diagnostic modality. These hybrid modalities contain a combination of PET scan with CT scan and MRI scan. The hybrid techniques are therefore called PET-CT and PET-MRI scan respectively.

A plain CT scan or NCCT scan (Non Contrast based computed tomography) is a safe and go to diagnostic modality in case of any emergency situation. CT scan when conducted using a contrast dye often yields more detailed results and scan images.  The contrast medium is administered into the veins of your arm or hand. There is a waiting period after the contrast is given to you. In this waiting period, contrast gets absorbed and taken up by the body cells. CT scan images often show different body organs and diseases or conditions occuring in them. These conditions can be infection, fracture, abnormality, malignancy, injury or other congenital defects. It can be conducted for various parts and the particular name of the CT scan is named according to the area for which it is being conducted. These names can be 

  • CT head
  • CT spine
  • CT thorax
  • CT head
    CT arm
  • CT pelvis
  • CT sternoclaviclar
  • CT ankle
  • CT foot
  • CT abdomen
  • CT lower abdomen
  • CT whole Abdomen, etc

The scan can be named according to its nature of carrying contrast study. The contrast based CT scans are often prefixed with the CECT acronym. CECT stands for contrast enhanced computed tomography scan. There is minimal to low risk of developing any side effects due to the contrast medium. However, contrast can pose some side effects including itching, redness, burning sensation, etc. which are the signs of allergy. Some people can develop allergies due to contrast but these can be managed if timely medical attention is taken. Some people ignore the initial signs of allergy which is why their allergy progresses and sometimes leads to a life threatening a situation known as anaphylactic shock. The CT scan centre near you will help and guide you for any precautions and measures that you need to take before or after your computed tomography diagnostic scan.

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